Demon Hunter Skills

Click here for the Full Demon Hunter Skill List:
Demon Hunter Skill List

Top Active and Passive Demon hunter skills in Diablo 3

Demon Hunter is a ranged attacking class in Diablo 3 that specializes in bows and crossbows. They increment their attacks with several ranged assaults, different types of traps and even some melee range skills. Here, you will find information on all the leading and popular Demon hunter skills. First you will find some popular Active Demon hunter skills. Hungering Arrow is a Level 1 Offense skill the Demon Hunter fires a magically imbued arrow. This arrow causes 140% damage with a 60% chance of piercing through the target. Chakram is another Offense skills where a swirling Chakram is fired and it causes 75 to 103 physical damage on any enemy that comes across its path.

Elemental Arrow is another Demon hunter skills that gets unlocked at Level 18. This active skill fires an arrow that causes 100% damage along with Fire damage to the enemies that pass through its path. Rapid Fire is a Level 24 active skill that can be fired at 6 times the regular attack speed and it deals 30% damage for every shot. The highest level, level 29 active Demon hunter skills is the Rain of Vengeance. This skill fires an immense volley of arrows around the Demon Hunter. The Arrows keep falling from the sky for around 5 seconds causing a damage of around 105% every second.

Caltrops is a Level 1 Discipline Demon hunter skills. In this Active skill caltrops trap is laid on the ground that get activated on the approach of an enemy. This skill slows down the enemy movement by 65%. Sentry is another Discipline skill at Level 22 that drops a turret onto the ground. This turret fires at all the enemies in its proximity to cause 40% damage.Thrill of the Hunt is one of the Level 10 Passive Demon hunter skills that immobilize your next regular attack for 3 seconds. Cull the Weak is a Level 15 skill that increases the damage by 20% against the enemies that have been slowed. Hot Pursuit is a Level 19 Demon hunter skills that increases your speed of movement by 10% when you are at full Hatred.

The Perfectionist Passive Skill is a Level 22 skill that decreases the cost of Discipline for all the skills by 20%. Another Demon hunter skills is Grenadier. This is a Level 26 skill decreases the Hatred cost of both Cluster Arrow and Grenade abilities by 15. When you die, this skill drops a huge grenade that causes a damage of 213 to 320. Custom Engineering is a Level 24 skill that increases the duration of the skills like Sentry, Marked for Death and Caltrops by 100%. The Sharpshooter is a Level 28 Demon hunter skills that helps add a chance of 3% to get a critical hit each second. The bonus resets a second after a critical hit is successfully made. Another Passive Demon hunter skills is the Level 30 skill known as Ballistics that increases the rocket damage by as much as 100%.

Click here for the Full Demon Hunter Skill List:
Demon Hunter Skill List

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